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Evacuated! Living on Indonesia's Most Active Volcano

“I sat down in my recliner with Kate’s newest book and didn’t get up until I had reached the last page. This well-written memoir of survival after a volcanic eruption just a few miles from her home, was mesmerizing. Kate has shown how adaptable she is In the wake of nature’s wrath. Her sense of humor and good nature, combined with her genuine love of people, helped her through this difficult time. Her story is easy to read, complemented by Rudy’s wonderful colorful photographs which brought the story to life. I highly recommend this book, and can’t wait to visit this beautiful land which Kate and Rudy describe in such picturesque detail.” – Barbara

“I absolutely loved this book! The idea of living near an active volcano would never ever enter my mind. After reading this book, with the stunning photos and eloquent descriptions, I see why the authors were drawn to this incredible location.

This book was so riveting that I read it in one sitting. It is an easy read and a book that truly draws you in. It is written from the authors account and I felt like I was right there with them. Whether you have an interest in volcanoes or in nature or just an interest in compelling true stories, this is a must read. I highly, highly recommend!” – Mindy Lee

How To Find The Heart Of Bali

“It’s been a bunch of years since I’ve been to Bali. Ms. Benzin’s book has the travel juices running again. With the ease and confidence gained from this book, I’m looking forward to Bali’s sunshine, seaside,serenity. And, thank you, Mr. Tanjung, for your keen photographic eye.” – Asian Aficionado

“I am ready to pack my bags and visit. I did not think that I would like to visit this part of the world, but Kate has changed my mind.” – JPleshe

Transformative Travel in Nepal

“Transformative Travel is a wonderful honest account of the author’s trek to Himalayas. More than that, she faces challenges head on and is not afraid to confront life. I have travelled with Kate to South America in high elevations and she is a real trooper! She certainly used her knowledge gained from her Himalayan trek and imparted it to us in a fun and meaningful way. This book is one woman’s story of living life to the fullest!” – Barbara

“Fantastic and interesting account of one woman’s journey to the Himalayas. This story is well writtten and will encourage every well-intentioned traveler to get up off the couch and follow his or her dream on the map of life. A gutsy trip that proves you can accomplish any goal you set out for yourself.” – Magic