Kate BenzinWelcome to my author site!  If you know me already, then you know that I’m a tour director and a writer.  I’m happy to report that my writing life has almost taken over my tour directing life.

I’ve been living in Indonesia since 1982, and I’ve carved out my own little piece of paradise that I share with my dogs, my business partner, and our employees.

Originally, I came to Indonesia because I was feeling frustrated with the path I was following.  I’d gone back to school to become a clinical psychologist; and although I loved studying psychology, I felt that a career in that field was going to tie me down too much.  I’d always loved traveling and felt that I even wanted to live and work overseas.

Along came a job in Indonesia – for only 3 months.  Well, I figured a short time living and working overseas would get that itch out of my system.  But as you already know, 3 months wasn’t enough time to get rid of that restless bug. When that short job ended, I’d already decided that I wanted to stay in Indonesia.  Living overseas was the adventure I wanted to continue.

I ended up teaching English in Indonesia for around 13 years and then switched to tour directing for 18 years. I still lead some tours, mainly to Russia and the Baltics, but I spend most of my time writing.

For a very long time, a good friend of mine named Jeannette kept saying that I should be writing books.  I always loved writing and kept a journal on and off over the years.  But I wasn’t sure that I had enough to say to write a whole book.  Well, I’m now finding out that I have more than enough to say.  And it’s been amazing to me that my books have been selling very nicely – both as ebooks and as paperbacks.

Once I saw that strangers would buy something that I’d written, I became motivated to write and write and write.  I hope that you enjoy my books and that you look for my next books over the coming months.

All the best, Kate