Kate during the Evacuation Oct/Nov 2010

Several of my friends, both online and offline, have asked me questions about my experience several years ago when Merapi had a once-in-100-year eruption. I’ve told them that I wrote and published an ebook about the experience, but several of them want the condensed version. So I made a video a few years ago telling about my experience and thought I’d put it up on my website.

It’s not long – just a little over 13 minutes. And the video starts at about 25 seconds, so don’t think that the video isn’t working if it just shows black at the beginning.

The website I mentioned in the video – indonesiandiscovery.net – does not exist. It was a website that I built, but then dropped. Instead, I have a website called Infinite Indonesia that gives more information about Indonesia.

At the end of the video, I mention that Rudy would do a video, but unfortunately, he tried, but was too nervous and didn’t like how he appeared on camera.

For anyone who wants more information, you can see the book that Rudy and I co-authored on the right hand side of this page.

About Kate Benzin

I am a seasoned traveler and tour director who has lived on the island of Java since 1982. Java became my home when I took a 3-month work assignment to train Indonesians on word processing equipment in Jakarta, and I fell in love with the adventurous lifestyle that I found here. So I stayed and taught English for many years. When I needed a change in my work life, I became a tour director for an upscale American tour operator for 18 years in many countries of the world. Tour directing was very rewarding and provided me with lots of material for my latest career - writing. If you've been on tour with me, don't worry, I'm not writing about any of the wonderful guests from my tours. I now spend most of my time writing in my home/office in Yogyakarta, Central Java, which I share with my four Dalmatians and a whippet. In addition to this website katebenzin.com, you can follow me on Twitter @KateBenzin or Facebook http://www.facebook.com/kategypsy.
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