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Dancing with Fate

I’ll admit it – I get distracted very easily. Some people call that BSO or Bright Shiny Object syndrome. And I definitely suffer from this malady.

I had let my writing take a back seat to FBA. If you don’t know what FBA is, it means Fulfillment by Amazon and gives ordinary people like me the ability to sell physical products on Amazon. This program is a lot of fun and really pretty easy, but it does tie up some money for a while. Amazon stores all the products in their warehouses and then packs and ships then when someone orders.

For someone who is a shopaholic as I am, it’s a dream come true. You see, I don’t have to be shopping for myself in order to fulfill my shopping need. So this way, I can shop and then later recoup the money plus hopefully a little profit.

Back to Writing and Publishing

But in May this year, I had a visitor I’ll call Sally – not her real name. She’s an online author friend who is doing very well with self-publishing and ended up being just the right medicine for my BSO syndrome.

When we talked about all the half-finished books I have on my hard drive, I decided to count up all the written words that were just sitting on my pc not making me any money. I was astounded to find more than 350,000 words in several books at different levels of completion. I later found another 50,000 words in some manuscripts that I’d overlooked.

Dancing with Fate

That was kind of a wake-up call. I had always planned to get back to writing eventually, but Sally motivated me to take those half-finished manuscripts and start working on them.

I started out kind of slowly – took me a while to get back into the swing of it all, but once I really got into the first half-finished book, I started putting in lots of hours. And this week, all those hours paid off when I published Dancing with Fate on Amazon and also submitted it to CreateSpace. It’s already live on, and the paperback version will be live in by August 2.

And just in case you’re wondering, yes, I am already working on the next book in the series. It was also half-finished, so I hope to publish it by the end of August. Just don’t let any bright shiny objects come my way!!