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Yay – Running toward Fate is live

I'm a happy girl today!

Terrace at Kate's

To the left is a small part of my terrace. You can see one of my Dalmatians there. This sofa is where I do most of my writing. It's a perfect location. I have an iPod and speaker on the table hiding behind some of those books. And I look out onto a colorful yard with bougainvillea in many colors, frangipani trees, and other flowers that I don't know the names of.

I worked hard yesterday afternoon to publish Running toward Fate in both the kindle and paperback versions. And I'm planning to get my next book published by the end of September.​

You might wonder what kind of drugs I've been taking to have such ambitious goals. But I assure you that no drugs whatsoever are involved. Not even coffee which I never developed a taste for. Okay, I do allow myself one Coke a day. Does that count as a drug?

Anyhow, let me explain how I was able to publish these two books so quickly after not publishing anything for two and a half years and how I plan to have another done in a little more than a month. You may have already guessed the answer. During the time that I didn't publish anything, I continued to write. The problem was that I got ideas for a new story too often and left the one I was working on half-finished. As a result, I have many novels on my hard drive in various states of completion.

Luckily, my ideas fit into a series that I'm calling Journeys Fiction. In general, the stories revolve around a main character who has an emotional issue from the past that he or she needs to deal with.I don't want to give away too much, but these psychological issues often motivate the main character to travel. The destination is usually Indonesia, but not always. Stay tuned!

Kate during the Evacuation Oct/Nov 2010

Several of my friends, both online and offline, have asked me questions about my experience several years ago when Merapi had a once-in-100-year eruption. I’ve told them that I wrote and published an ebook about the experience, but several of them want the condensed version. So I made a video a few years ago telling about my experience and thought I’d put it up on my website.

It’s not long – just a little over 13 minutes. And the video starts at about 25 seconds, so don’t think that the video isn’t working if it just shows black at the beginning.

The website I mentioned in the video – – does not exist. It was a website that I built, but then dropped. Instead, I have a website called Infinite Indonesia that gives more information about Indonesia.

At the end of the video, I mention that Rudy would do a video, but unfortunately, he tried, but was too nervous and didn’t like how he appeared on camera.

For anyone who wants more information, you can see the book that Rudy and I co-authored on the right hand side of this page.

Evacuated! Living on Indonesia’s Most Active Volcano

Evacuated! Living on Indonesia's Most Active VolcanoIn October 2010, Mt. Merapi was inching toward the performance of a lifetime! And I was there to witness the whole thing. The result of my experience is the book Evacuated! Living on Indonesia’s Most Active Volcano.

Mt. Merapi sits about 20 miles north of Yogyakarta in Central Java. It has the distinction of being the most active volcano in Indonesia, which has the most volcanoes in the Ring of Fire. It is also one of the most active volcanoes in the world. I happen to live on the slope of that volcano – but in a safe zone, of course. Because of its continuous activity, it is also one of the most studied volcanoes in the world. Scientists have set up a warning system for nearby residents so that they know when danger is getting too close for comfort.

Mt. Merapi from nearby golf course

Mt. Merapi from nearby golf course

Those of us who live in the safe zone don’t usually pay too much attention to that warning system. Lava has never flowed in the direction of my house. And the mystics of Java say that it never will flow toward Yogyakarta. I live about halfway between Yogyakarta and the crater of Merapi – the safe direction. It doesn’t take a mystic to see why the lava never flows in this direction. All you have to do is look at the shape of the crater and the crevices in the rim of the crater on the west and southeast sides. Those depressions give the lava an easy exit from the interior toward the west and southeast.

Merapi Erupting

Merapi Erupting

In late October and early November 2010, villages in the dangerous zone were being evacuated – first, the villages just 2 miles from the crater. But the area needing to evacuate enlarged faster and faster.

On the night of November 5, I was getting a lot of ash at my home. And a little after midnight, I heard something falling on my roof that sounded like small stones. I’d just received a phone call that my neighborhood was being ordered to evacuate, and the noise on the roof confirmed that it was definitely time to leave.

Basirun and son

Basirun and son

Lava Covers Basirun's House

Lava Covers Basirun’s House

My staff, my dogs, and I were out of our home for 18 days. Evacuated! Living on Indonesia’s Most Active Volcano  is the dramatic story of my evacuation and the problems of leaving at the same time as everyone else, finding a place for all of us (including my four Dalmatians) to stay for an indefinite time, and much much more. It’s also the story of some families who lost everything when their villages were totally covered by lava and how the government handled aid for those in desperate need.