I’m #1!

How To Find The Heart Of BaliAmazon changes a book’s best seller rank very often.  I’ve heard that this rank changes on an hourly basis, but I have no proof of that.  The formula that they use seems to be secret, but of course, it obviously depends on its own sales in comparison to the sales of other books in its category.

The category for my book How To Find The Heart Of Bali is Books/Travel/Asia/Indonesia/Bali.  There are 153 books in this category, and if you do a search at amazon.com in the kindle story for the word ‘bali,’ my book How To Find The Heart Of Bali comes up #1.  It was published April 6, 2012, and arrived at that #1 position on May 25.

Even more important than it position in the search results is its best seller rank.

The best seller rank for my book How To Find The Heart Of Bali hovers around #3 to #5  in its category most of the time.  Every once in a while it gets to #2.  But just yesterday my book landed on the #1 spot for around 12 hours.  Now as I write this, it is back in #4 position.  That’s still very respectable.

I am working very hard on my next book called Transformative Travel, which I plan to publish in July.  Please watch for it.

My Book Promotion – Free Download

Free download of How To Find The Heart Of Bali – Wednesday, May 23, and Thursday, May 24.

I’m flabbergasted at how many downloads there have been today – Wednesday – over 1,000 downloads.  I still find it astonishing that strangers are downloading and reading something that I wrote.

Since I published it in early April, I’ve also had lots of sales.  And that’s even more astonishing – that strangers actually paid for and read something I wrote.

This has been very motivating for me in working on my new books.  I’m still looking at a goal of publishing my 2nd book in July.  Please look for it.

So Much Writing To Do

I’m very proud that I published my first ebook How To Find The Heart Of Bali in April 2012.

My next ebook is close to being ready to publish – my goal is to publish it in July.  It’s already gone through a few different titles, but I think I’m pretty happy with the current working title of Transformative Traveling.

In this book, I relate the experiences and emotions from my trekking adventure  in Nepal 13 years ago in my mid-50’s.  As you can probably imagine, it wasn’t easy, but it was transformative.  And it actually had quite a direct effect on some events that took place 10 years later.  You’ll have to read the book to understand what I mean.

I have several other books that are in various stages of completion.  Several of them have something to do with traveling in one way or another.

Here’s hoping that I’ll be able to publish several more before 2012 comes to a close.

So  please come back often to see what I’m up to.