Yay – Running toward Fate is live

I'm a happy girl today!

Terrace at Kate's

To the left is a small part of my terrace. You can see one of my Dalmatians there. This sofa is where I do most of my writing. It's a perfect location. I have an iPod and speaker on the table hiding behind some of those books. And I look out onto a colorful yard with bougainvillea in many colors, frangipani trees, and other flowers that I don't know the names of.

I worked hard yesterday afternoon to publish Running toward Fate in both the kindle and paperback versions. And I'm planning to get my next book published by the end of September.​

You might wonder what kind of drugs I've been taking to have such ambitious goals. But I assure you that no drugs whatsoever are involved. Not even coffee which I never developed a taste for. Okay, I do allow myself one Coke a day. Does that count as a drug?

Anyhow, let me explain how I was able to publish these two books so quickly after not publishing anything for two and a half years and how I plan to have another done in a little more than a month. You may have already guessed the answer. During the time that I didn't publish anything, I continued to write. The problem was that I got ideas for a new story too often and left the one I was working on half-finished. As a result, I have many novels on my hard drive in various states of completion.

Luckily, my ideas fit into a series that I'm calling Journeys Fiction. In general, the stories revolve around a main character who has an emotional issue from the past that he or she needs to deal with.I don't want to give away too much, but these psychological issues often motivate the main character to travel. The destination is usually Indonesia, but not always. Stay tuned!

About Kate Benzin

I am a seasoned traveler and tour director who has lived on the island of Java since 1982. Java became my home when I took a 3-month work assignment to train Indonesians on word processing equipment in Jakarta, and I fell in love with the adventurous lifestyle that I found here. So I stayed and taught English for many years. When I needed a change in my work life, I became a tour director for an upscale American tour operator for 18 years in many countries of the world. Tour directing was very rewarding and provided me with lots of material for my latest career - writing. If you've been on tour with me, don't worry, I'm not writing about any of the wonderful guests from my tours. I now spend most of my time writing in my home/office in Yogyakarta, Central Java, which I share with my four Dalmatians and a whippet. In addition to this website katebenzin.com, you can follow me on Twitter @KateBenzin or Facebook http://www.facebook.com/kategypsy.
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